Support for water program in Timor Leste

Field Reports

29 November 2017

Field Trip vol.4 The community selected for a new GFS construction site.

Hatugau Suco of Letefoho administrative Post, Ermera Municipality

The construction of new GFS is planned in two communities in 2018. We visited one of the proposed project sites, Hatugau, Ermera Municipality , and interacted with community members to get better understanding of the situation. Ermera is the area known for coffee production.

with Hatugau villagers

This is the water source, whose surface was almost dried up, to be connected to the GFS systems. The water condition is so serious that villagers have no alternative but to utilize rainwater for their everyday lives.

Along with villagers, we began walking from the water source to the community, to find East Timorese walk surprisingly fast, singing and playing musical instruments.
Why do they walk so fast? They have been passed down an old legend that bad things will happen if we, outsiders, are the first to arrive at the village.

There used to be a water system procured by the Government of Indonesia, but now are being out of function and deserted after a big earthquake occurred few years ago.
Villagers believe that the water was dried up because they might have provoked the sprit for some reasons.

Sharman’s is receiving a divine prophecy

We appreciate people in Timor Leste for kindly welcoming us with a traditional dance and meals. Their passionate hospitality touched our hearts, and helped reconfirm our strong determination to make difference in the lives of children in Timor Leste. A year after, villagers will have the access to reliable water source every day. They will be able to utilize water not only for drinking and cooking but also for keeping themselves clean. We strongly believe that it will create positive impacts on children and people in the community in various ways.

Future Plans

Ono City donated 100,000US$ to be utilized for the water project in Timor Leste. We really appreciate Ono citizens and others. Now we are looking in to a possibility of a grass-root partnership to help people in Timor Leste in order to become able to utilize GFS for a long time, maintaining and managing on their own, from which we could create the people-to-people exchange for the betterment and happiness for people in Timor Leste.

Let’s come together to enhance the movement of the CWP forward!