The School of Water

From your principal of the School of Water.

Hello, everyone.
I’m a principal of the School of Water.
I think about water all the time.
Why? Because water is much more precious than you realize.

Ono City, Fukui, where I live, has large quantities of underground water.
It gushes out of the ground, clean and pure.
We can drink it as it is and wash with it.
It is so useful in our daily lives.

I bet that, where you live, you just turn on the tap whenever you want to use water.
But not everyone in the world can do this.
Also, this is not just a problem in other countries.
Even Japan, in the near future,
may find that it does not have as much water as it would like.
Did you know that?

Since 1970, the underground wells in Ono City have frequently run out of water.
When the water we are so reliant upon has dried up, it has caused us upset and distress.
Everyone in the city has done his or her utmost,
planning and working in anticipation of when the waters would rise again.
When it happens, we realize how carefully we need to treat this precious resource.

How do we best preserve this "treasure" of ours?
Ono wants us to find the answer to this problem together,
so we have built a "School of Water".
Let's all enjoy learning about the water all around us and all over the world!