The Activities Expanded with Water

Carrying Water Project × Echizen Ono Meisui Marathon

Carrying Water Project × Echizen Ono Meisui Marathon REPORT

The Carrying Water Project has begun!

The beginning of the Carrying Water Project (CWP) was declared at the 51st Echizen Ono Meisui Marathon on 24 May, 2015.
A number of CWP posters were displayed in a line at Echizen Ono Yui Station, the starting point of the Marathon.

The project concepts and images were also shown to the participating runners and Ono citizens with an LED display against the view of Echizen Ono Castle.
The mayor of Ono City, Mr.Okada declared the beginning of CWP.

4,460 runners participated in 2K, half marathon or other categories, running through Ono City.
The participants ran lightly under the clear sky.

The water supply, of course, was the beautiful water of Ono!

The fatigue of the runners could be healed with water poured by students.

CWP logo on the paper cups!

We will be able to support the areas experiencing water stress around the world beginning next year.
The information about the regions to be supported and the support plan will be announced soon. Please look forward to that!

Rediscover Ono, benefited by abundant beautiful water.

Beautiful spring water gushes everywhere in Ono City, where participating runners ran through.
Many people are able to live without water from other water systems in the city.
The views around town encompass the abundance of Ono’s beautiful water.

It was a great day to rediscover the rich water environment of Ono through the Meisui Marathon. 
Please keep watching the future activities of the Carrying Water Project, which began on that day!