The Activities Expanded with Water

Carrying Water Project × Echizen Ono Meisui Marathon

The further you run,the more people all over the world get clean water.

Ono is a city blessed with water, where water and culture go hand in hand.

We aim for the finish line, the sound of flowing water in our ears, as we run by paddy fields brimming with water, and revel in our city with its famous water.
Through this marathon, Ono, a city blessed with water, can do something for those nations who are not as lucky with their own water.

When you run the Echizen Ono Meisui Marathon, we will donate ¥10 for every kilometer you run to improve the quality of water all over the world.

The main focus of our aid effort this year is the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste. Many places lack a proper water supply: children have to travel long distances, many kilometers away from home every day, just to draw water.
Because drawing fresh water is such a hardship, they do not get to go to school or enjoy spending time with their friends. Run this marathon for them!

When you run this marathon through Ono, you spread the blessing of clean water throughout the world. This is the civic marathon we want to hold.
The 52nd Echizen Ono Meisui Marathon is to be held on May 22nd!

For each kilometer you run in the Echizen Ono Meisui Marathon, we will donate ¥10 of water aid to Timor Leste.

How we structure the aid

Participate in the 2016 Echizen Ono Meisui Marathon. → We calculate a value to be donated according to the distance you run, and give this as a donation via Japan Committee for UNICEF. → Japan Committee for UNICEF will install a gravity-fed water supply system in Timor Leste.