Ono Pure Water Restaurant

Ono Pure Water Restaurant Deliciously made with pure Ono water and 'Yui’ spirit

We specialize in; the light aroma of Echizen buckwheat noodles, the mellow flavor of sake, Japanese rice wine, the glossy and shiny texture of rice, and the sweetness of the Japanese-style confectioneries.
All these delicious products are the gifts from Ono’s water.
Ono city is a heavy snowfall area surrounded by mountains. Its water rich environment is created by melted snow. It is a source of pure, natural water.
The unique trades in Ono, such as agriculture, forestry and fermentation, originated from the wisdom to live along with the pure water and the appreciation for the water.

In Ono Pure Water Restaurant, each and every product is enriched with stories woven together by Ono’s water and people.
Are you curious about the stories?
You may ask the restaurant owner or feel them yourself.
We'd like you to enjoy the gifts from Ono’s water as much as you can.