The Activities Expanded with Water


1 June 2018 Students from East Timor study in Ono City

We invited 5 students and 1 leader from a vocational training school in East Timor with the assistance of the Sakura Science Program in the Japan Science and Technology Agency. They studied our efforts to protect water and environment for 6 days.

Ono city has been providing water supply facilities since 2017.
It’s necessary not only to support but also to improve consciousness to save the watershed because of the decreasing amount of groundwater and pollution in Dill, the capital of East Timor.

This program should be a good opportunity for the students who will work to raise awareness about water.
They visited Ono city on March 8th, and took part in an inspection tour until 13th.

      Managawa dam        Hongan shozu
        class scenery        Itoyo no Sato
      Biomass power plant        sewage plant

They also went to the factory of the Oji Nepia company in Nagoya who approve of CWP and had a lecture about the environment at Research Institute for Humanity and Nature in Kyoto city.

 at Nagoya factory of Oji Nepia company  at Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
lectured by prof . Abe

All students showed a great interest in each section of this tour.

They said that they want to study in Japan and tell this to their friends even though it was only a 6 day tour.

The leader, Mr. Yohanes, gave a heartfelt expression of thanks about this program and each place visited and people they met.