The Activities Expanded with Water


24 October 2015 Sharing the Carrying Water Project with the world! We promoted “Ono Water” at EXPO Milano, 2015.

“Feeding the planet,energy for life” was the core theme of EXPO Milano, 2015.
The Japan Pavilion held a special event from
October 24th to 27th to introduce Fukui food culture.

The Carrying Water Project got a chance to promote the
rich water environment of Ono.
Let us give you the report of the event.

The Fukui event happened at the very end of the EXPO.
The Japan Pavilion was quite popular. Many people visited us,some waiting in line
up to eight hours,so as not to miss their chance to see it,Amazing!

The Carrying Water Project provided the animation movie and pamphlets to
introduce the beautiful water of Ono, as well as postcards with 「水」logo on it.
We also gave away the Carrying Water Project paper cups,
which were used in Echizen Ono Meisui Marathon.

Ono is a place where people use spring water
for everything from cooking to washing clothes.
The water runs through the town during all four seasons
and allows us to make Ono specialty products.
Our mission was to introduce Ono’s rich environment
and beautiful water to the world by communicating with them directly.Everybody was curious about the postcard with 「水」 logo.
The kanji character must be interesting for them.

A guest:「MIZU…?」
CWP:「Meaning “aqua” (Italian word “water”)」
A guest:「O-NO…?」
CWP:「It’s a town in Fukui, Japan. It has very beautiful water. 」

It wasn’t easy to introduce Ono to people who didn’t even know anything about Japan,
but they kindly listened to us with open minds.

Here is a girl saying “Arigato!” to us. Cool- looking people also liked our 「水」postcard.

Nice couples, guests from Asian countries,
and families looked happy with the postcard.
A variety of people came and visited us at the EXPO,
listening to our thoughts on the project.

We asked some people from Lombardia in Italy to try
Ono water because Lombardia is famous for its good water just like Ono.

“Very mild!” “Smells good!”
“Tastes fruity. Buono!!”
Fruity??? Interesting reactions!

At sunset, we served Ono local food and rice, as well as sake from Fukui.
It was then we showed the animation movie and handed out pamphlets to
introduce the main idea of the project to the guests.

「Buono!!」(Tastes good!)
Italian people loved Ono food and sake,
our gifts from nature along with the beautiful water.
We hope they will come and visit us in Ono someday!

This is the animation movie. (※We provided this in Italian at that time. )

After sunset, there were still many guests in front of the Japan Pavilion.
We hope many people became interested in Ono water and water in the world,
and start considering environmental issues around water through our project.

This is the movie to show you how we promoted our project at the EXPO.

Did you know…
We found this in the EXPO.
“Water KIOSK” is a water serving machine where you can fill your PET bottle.
This refill system is one of the ways to help the ecological movement,
so many people used it.

Besides this Water KIOSK service,
there were many other exhibitions surrounding water. For example,
a plan to help dried up areas , making it easy to bring water in,
as well as possibilities in agriculture using hydroponics.
We were quite happy to know so many people were highly interested
in the issues around water in the world.

What can we do from Ono where we have rich water?
The Carrying Water Project is one of the things we can offer to the world
by showing appreciation to nature. Let’s keep moving forward!