The Activities Expanded with Water


13 August 2015 We publicized the beautiful water of Ono at the 48th Ono Castle Festival!

The big event of the summer, the “Ono Castle Festival” was held August 13-16,2015
We took this excitement-filled festival as an opportunity to emphasize
the rich water environment of Ono City!

In Ono, in summertime, this mark expresses not ice, but water!
This is the mark of Ono water!
This mark was designed using the motif of the “shaved ice” flag,
which is known as a traditional summer feature in Japan.
There are some relationships with Ono water wherever this mark is found.

The water of Ono, “Okuechizen Water” was sold at this booth,
so visitors could enjoy the taste of the beautiful water once again.
The water marks were fluttering coolly.

They even enjoyed water gun fights with Ono water!
The battles seemed so refreshing!

Citizens who were waiting for the fireworks to begin or those participating
in the Bon Festival dance were able to view movies about this Ono water mark.

We came across the water mark fluttering at Serigawa-shozu.

Of course, as for the water itself,
these wonderful marks are going to be put on products, saying “born from Ono water”,
including farm and other various products by the project.
Not only the “water” mark, but other marks may come up, also.
Please try to find them at the street, festivals or other events in Ono city.