The Activities Expanded with Water


1 May 2018 Ono’s participation in the 8th World Water Forum for promoting water projects.


We were proud to present officially at the biggest water event and scientific conference in the world Ono’s abundant aquatic resources, our actions for Ono’s ground water preservation with the collaboration of Ono’s inhabitants and our project aiming to Ono’s revitalization and contribution to the world improvement through water.

The World Water Forum was held in Brasilia from the 18th to the 23th march. This event gathered ministers and researchers 172 countries and more than 120,000 visitors. 94 booths from different countries, regions, organizations and companies were displayed at the pavilion. At the Japanese pavilion, we had Ono city of course, but also 14 other groups, private companies and ministries and so on. During the symposium, we had many discussions about “ Sharing water ”, this time’s topic, related to the sustainable development goals advocated by the united nations. Ono city attracted lots of attention by bringing a new local authority model:turning its natural resources to profit to make a city more attractive.

photo : Japan water forum

The 20th the Japanese prince visited the Japanese pavilion and came to Ono’s booth listening to the Vice-mayor’s explanations. This episode was relayed by many media organizations on TV, in newspapers and on the internet. The prince’s reaction: “ So the whole running water for Ono’ household come from the groundwater ? ”. He also gave us encouragement: “ This project created many international links, that is really positive. Keep up the good work ! ”.

※Ono City claims full copyrights for these photographs.

At the Japanese pavilion, presentation combined diverse actions related to water such as international cooperation with Japanese culture through calligraphy (shodô) and folding paper (origami) performances: By all this dynamic action, Ono succeed to come to the fore and we are proud to say that we were the most attractive stand at the Japanese pavilion.
During the symposium we reported our activities as a new model and called for collaboration: To resolve the water problems around the world, the concept of Yui deeply rooted in Ono’s habitants behavior will be helpful. It refers to an implicit feeling of sharing and helping each other. Everyone concerning by this feeling should join together in a “ Gratitude for Water Platform ” leading by Ono city and cooperate to face the water problems.