The Activities Expanded with Water


1 June 2018 Festa de Timor-Leste 2018 @ Sophia University

The Body Sensation Festival was held to spread knowledge of the unknown charms

of the Democratic Republic of East Timor

The festival that about 20 organizations participated in was held on May 19th .
There were sales of handmade goods and coffee which is special products of East Timor ,
talk sessions by international students studying in Japan,and an exhibition of local photos taken by professionals.

“Let’s have a taste of coffee brewed with Ono water this year”
It was the first shop opened outside the prefecture by CROP who is a charity group working in Ono city.
They provided a cup of coffee carefully dripped hand poured with Ono water.
Of course, the beans were none other than the very same beans
that were imported from East Timor.

The roasted flavor attracted many customers.
We definitely remember our promotion.
We introduced our project, Carrying Water Project, during the dripping time.

We received comments from customers including,
“You were here last year” and “The coffee tastes very good”.
Seeing a picture of our cities castle, they said,
“What a beautiful place”.

We enjoyed warmer relations from interacting with other organizations
through exchanging opinions about our efforts to support East Timor
as well as listening to each other’s introductions.

During our time there, we could not help feeling that
we could increase our support even further.



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Momonga Coffee website