The Activities Expanded with Water


25 February 2019 The Carrying Water Project Spreads Through East Timor coffee

“For every 100 g sold of the East Timor Coffee beans, which you had the chance to drink today, 100 yen will be donated to East Timor.“ The girl said in a vibrant voice. She is a special needs school student in Okuetsu. On January 23rd, they held an event for people living near the school. She is a citizen of Ono’s neighbor Katsuyama, but she researched CWP and learned that-by drinking East Timor Coffee or purchasing coffee beans at a coffee shop in Ono City- anyone can help those in need of clean water. She emphasized, “There is something we can do!” She researched East Timor, and consulted with teachers and classmates to serve East Timor coffee at the event.

“Because this coffee has meaning, we want you to be able to appreciate it when you drink.“ So, the students gave a detailed explanation of East Timor and its coffee, then actually made the coffee.

A representative of CWP from Ono explained the donation process, and the coffee shop master introduced the characteristics of East Timor Coffee: sweet and fruity.

① A students explains about water and sanitation in East Timor
② A students explains about the coffee
③A representative of CWP explains the donation process
④ A student makes coffee with explaining
⑤ Tasting time, the coffee shop master introduces the characteristics of East Timor Coffee