Creating a Water Fountain Garden

Suiden Tansui (Submerged Paddy Field)

Rice paddy fields store and hold large reserves of water. When the paddy fields are full, water seeps into the ground and is stored up as groundwater in large quantities beneath the paddies.

Suiden Tansui refers to the process of flooding the paddy fields in the dry season and in winter when groundwater levels fall. The water seeps underground and recharges the underground water, preventing further falls in water levels.

State of rice paddies that sprinkle water in winter

Ono City has leased out rice paddies in the Konomoto alluvial fan area (area of deposited sediment) since 1978. The paddies are filled with water for five months from October to February. In this way, the city carefully stores and conserves water in natural vats hidden away underground to ensure Ono’s water does not dry up.

A state of taking water into unused paddy fields