Creating a Water Fountain Garden

Creating the Forest

Trees and forests cover nearly 90% of Ono City, extending over 75,870 hectares. Three rivers flow here - the Kuzuryu, Mana, and Kiyotaki Rivers. An ecosystem of plants, animals and humans has developed in the basin area by these rivers, and life in the area is supported by the forest and the water that comes from the forest.

The forest is indispensable for us. It is a bountiful store of water, bestowing a range of blessings on us. The wood from the trees is used for timber, but these trees also protect us from landslides and natural disasters. They are also full of restorative powers for both our minds and bodies.

Beech forest in Heikedaira

There are currently a number of conservation projects underway for Ono’s forests. “Forests from Acorns” is one of these. Children and members of the community collect acorns, grow saplings at the Echizen Ono Ecofield, and then plant these in the beech forest in Heikedaira. By seeing for themselves how a forest can grow from a single acorn, children contribute to reforestation, as well as appreciating how important the forest is for us.

"Forests from Acorns" project