Mizu no Megumin Blog

18 October 2017 O Shôzu spring

I was letting myself be driven by the flow of water when I arrived at the O Shôzu spring
Above me the first autumn wind caressed my cheek, the street was empty
Below me the crab was moving sideways as usual, silently

Nothing important is happening here
Sometimes a grandma is washing her vegetables
Rarely a grandpa playing with his dog
Travelers tasting the spring’s water
Weird foreigners also chilling out

I like to slide myself into the well listening discreetly to the neighborhood’s conversations
Small talk, intense talk I listen to everything
« Hey what’s up Brah »
« Nice day » « Sure is! » and the like

In summer O Shôzu refreshes you
In winter O Shôzu warms your soul
For a long time the spring was loved and kept alive by the citizens
That is the reason why this water is so clean