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28 May 2018 Kuzuryû new green leaves festival

I’ve heard that in Izumi area there will be a big event to celebrate the coming of summer so I swam up along the river Kuzuryû River

In a place where the forest mostly featured beeches and Japanese oaks stretching over

People coming to contemplate the young new leaves’ smooth greenness

People buying mountain vegetables and mushrooms I grew with care

People tasting the buckwheat noodles I prepared, boiled and humidified

People salvaging the float woods hampering my movement

to make an elegant decoration for their home

People making donations for East Timor,

which doesn’t have a water fairy to provide its water supply

Children also played water yoyo with me

I’m full of gratitude

Megumin would be so happy to share this feeling with humans

Exchanging with humans was so fun that I’ll probably be appearing again soon.