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1 August 2018 Hongan Shozu

I visited Hongan Shozu.

It’s an Itoyo habitat. Itoyo are a type of fish : The threes pine stickleback.

Hongan Shozu is national designated as a natural treasure.

Itoyo only live in clean water with a stable water temperature

of under 20 degrees celsius. (68 ℉)

Here comes Children!!

I was wandering what they are doing and tying to approach them.

They started letting out the lines of their handmade fishing rods in the pond.

I tried to tell them to stop because I thought they were trying to catch Itoyo.

But I misunderstood what they were doing.

They were catching crayfish.

Crayfish are natural predator of Itoyo.

Children also assist with conserving Itoyo.

“I found it!! ”

I tried to catch crayfish, too!!