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5 June 2018 Echizen Ono Marathon 54th Edition

A warm early summer day, I, the water fairy,
attracted by the bustle of the city happened upon a human festival.
Right before my eyes, more than 4500 people were running through the medieval city crowned by the delightful Echizen Ono castle.
I’ve heard that for each kilo they ran, they accumulate 10 yen that will be donated to give East-Timor better access to clean water
My little soul wanted to help the runners, so I quenched their thirst with delicious water,
I changed myself into crushed ice to offer fresh kakigori for free.

Megumin is also supporting East-Timor, so if you make a donation, you will have the great pleasure to enjoy Ono’s delicious fresh water.

I posed also for a lot of souvenir pictures with the runners.
Yes, cause you know what ? I’m really famous in this city.
But unfortunately, I’ll be busy the next few weeks with the rainy season, so I won’t probably appear soon again in front of humans.