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1 August 2017 August 1 is “water day”

August 1 is “water day”.

Water day celebrates water as a very valuable limited resource,
In order for everyone to know and get interested,
It was established in Japan in 1973.

Also, this day is the first day of the “week of water”
Events related to water are being held at various places throughout the country.

So, I want everyone to think seriously about “water” that we all use every day.

And, in accordance with Water day
The “Mizu no Megumin Blog” will start today.

I am Ono’s water fairy “Mizuno Megumin”
I will post various things related to water on my blog.

It will be great to introduce the activities of Ono City’s “Carrying Water Project”
the spring water areas and the delicious foods made from Ono water.

From now on, I will keep updating the blog steadily so keep an eye on it and comment.