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22 August 2018 Ono Water Festival

Intense heat continues this summer. You can’t survive without water these days, so drink plenty of fluids. But if you have to hydrate yourself, make it delicious. I, Megumin the water fairy, understood that and organized a festival to please human’s taste buds. There were an assortment of delicious food made of Ono’s delicious fresh water, like Taro croquette, udon, shaved ice, and mizu manjû (water buns).

You can’t survive without staying cool these days. But if you have to stay cool, make it fun. I, Megumin the water fairy, understood that and prepared plenty of water games. Children played with water guns, water yoyos and acorns. Children and adults toured cafés around the town, tried many different drinks and took a water quiz.

I had fun discovering portraits the humans had drawn of me.