About Carrying Water Project

The Spirit of Water (“Mizu no Megumin”)

I am the “Spirit of Water”. I’m glad to meet you.
I am everywhere, all around you!

In winter, I turn to snow.
People sweep me off the roof. It’s hard work!
I’m afraid it will take you longer to get to school.
You’ll slip. You’ll feel cold.
Sorry for all the trouble!

However, I can be useful sometimes.
For example, I can preserve vegetables or sweeten them.

As the weather gets warmer,
I turn to water and flow around Ono.
I help buckwheat flower to bloom and taros to grow.
I come rumbling down underground
from the high mountains and turn to spring water.

“Mizu no Megumin” profile

Ever since the dinosaur age,I’ve been the “Spirit of Water” running around Ono (no-one knows if I’m a girl or a boy)
I live in a cute little house with a pointed roof, like a mountain, and carry water around Ono.
Legend has it that when the “Spirit of Water” is in town, lovely water wells up plentifully, and the town is blessed with water.

You can’t do without “Mizu no Megumin”, always watching over everything
-agriculture, industry, and the people of Ono’s daily lives.
“Mizu no Megumin” is too shy to appear in public, but it will come to the “Winter Story” this year to meet us for the first time.

Playing with Origami(paper folding) by “Mizu no Megumin”

Do you like snow or not?It’s hard to remove snow from the roof of a house. It’s cold and icy.But, I’m not just around you in winter,I’m always here.Please make sure you don’t forget about me in spring!Why not make a paper “Mizu no Megumin” for your home?
How to make a paper “Spirit of Water”
  • Print instructions for making a paper “Mizu no Megumin”
  • Print a paper for Origami of “Mizu no Megumin”