About Carrying Water Project

Project Overview

Let's make Ono the sacred place of water.

Ono is rich in water,
because it is blessed with natural environment such as heavy snow and its topography,
and it also has the history of receiving benefits from the water and of showing gratitude back to the water.
In Ono, the spirit of getting together and helping each other is called “YUI”. People and natural environment, people and people.
Having “YUI” and supporting each other with people from all over the world as well as the Ono citizens along with the water.
Nurturing "the holy land of water" is the purpose of this project.


Encourage Ono citizens to be proud of this rich water town. Report the good relationship between water and citizens to more people. Communicate with people in other cities and countries through water.

Increase immigrants and stop population declines. Activate civilian activities. Invite more tourists.

Ono conservation of the water environment!


Respect the local taste and create a new tastes with Ono water. Establish more business using Ono water.

Promote Ono brand. Strengthen the competitiveness and name recognition as a municipality.


Invite companies who need Ono water. Advance groundwater researches. Revitalize the industry using water, such as agriculture and manufacture.

Create industries and improve the finances of the town. Increase citizen's income.

Background and History of the Project

Ono's environment
- blessings of water and life in Ono -

Ono city has built a unique lifestyle and culture
based on the close relationship between the abundance of spring water and people’s life.

The water environment in Ono is quite unique.
The groundwater circulates in one municipality Ono, which is a very rare case.
This gets attention from industry, academia and government in the water research field.

Approximately 70% of households have their own wells.
Most families now still pump groundwater
and use it as drinking water.

40 years ago, the well water was exhausted,
but now it has been replenished..
Ono has gone from "indifferent" to "thankful"

In 1970s and 1980s, the well was exhausted due to groundwater decline in Ono.
At that time, Ono citizens together worked for getting back the rich spring water.

Transition of OSHOZU
(Selected for the Japanese government 100 famous water sites)

Ono citizens cooperated and worked to revive the rich spring water.

  • ・Established Ono City Groundwater Countermeasure Council (1973)
  • ・Started daily groundwater monitoring by citizens (1976)
  • ・Established Ono City Groundwater Conservation Ordinance (1977)
  • ・Started Winter Paddy Flooding Project (1978)
  • ・Purchased 196 ha beech forest in the recharge area (1996)
  • ・Established Groundwater Conservation Fund (2000)
  • ・Conducted Ono City underground water survey (2001~2002)
  • ・Formulated Ono City groundwater conservation management plan (2005)
  • ・Established Echizen Ono spring water culture revitalization plan (2011)
  • ・Established Ono City Forest and Water Conservation Ordinance (2012)
  • ・Ono City Sound Water Environment Declaration (2015)

Present Ono
- Ono water is recognized as famous water -

Ono has received many awards,
not only because of the high quality water but also its advanced conservation activities.

  • ・Received both the 100 famous water sites selection (OSHOZU) and the Heisei 100 famous water sites selection (HONGANSHIMIZU)
  • ・Ono City as a whole got selected for 100 townships of water (1996)
  • ・Received the Minister of the Environment Minister's Award of the Japan Water Prize (2013)

Activities of the Project

It’s started in Ono. Spreading from Ono, giving back to water

Supporting the water environment in the world

Ono supports another country with Water-Supply facilities and improving the water-related environment.

Human resource development / Education

Ono has created a special program for children to learn about water and realize the importance of water to in relation to the the world’s water.
Furthermore, Ono aims to be a holy ground for academic research on water gathering knowledge and research results of water.

Promotion of local products

We created a unified brand to present special Ono foods along with Ono water.
We also carry out product development and events on the theme of water.

Natural Environment Conservation

Maintenance and preservation of beech forest, tree planting of hardwoods, maintenance of public sewer,
We prepare the water circulation environment.

Town development · PR

We carry out donation and fund-raising activities to have events for citizens,
companies and organizations to get more engaged with Ono water and to create business opportunities.

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